The Hueniversal flag

The Hueniversal Flag, by Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham, is a melanin infused color spectrum of tones consisting of eight shades. As a visual representation of skin tones, it acts as indexes of bodies. It reflects new possibilities of advocacy, solidarity, resistance, and movement for People of Color. Stephanie works to challenge the “color line” still present in the twenty-first century.

As Co Founder of Museum Hue and United Nations Human Rights Fellow, Stephanie utilizes the Hueniversal Flag to draw attention to racial inequities and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights to paint a larger portrait of an ever-expanding, transnational, multicultural community. The flag propels the visibility and vibrancy of the illustrious hues seen across the globe. It is a stimuli for discussions and solutions surrounding the issues of race as well as a pledge to create paths for brighter futures, visions, and safe spaces for People of Color to navigate.

Created by Stephanie A. Johnson-Cunningham